International Association of Lyceum Clubs

Helsinki Lyceum Club and Oulu Lyceum Club form the Association of Finnish Lyceum Clubs, through which they are members of the International Association of Lyceum Clubs.

There are a total of 74 Lyceum Clubs in 17 different countries – all in all more than 8000 members. English, German and French are the official languages of the Association (www.lyceumclubs.org).

The IALC organizes a congress every three years and, in the intervening years, Culture Days in one of the member countries of the Association. These events build international relations between members and enhance mutual understanding between members of different cultures.

Oulu Lyceum Club was honoured to organize the IALC Culture Days in June 2018. There were over 200 participants, 190 of whom came from abroad. The most distant guests travelled all the way from New Zealand and Australia. Large groups arrived from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and France.